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Modernize your
Military Transition

with the Veteran Capital Fellowship

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Take your first step on the bridge from Service to Tech

Part of the DOD SkillsBridge / Army Career Skills Program, the Veteran Capital Fellowship is an immersive 3-4 month experience at a high growth tech company augmented by educational workshops, career coaching, and placement support.

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Featured Partner Companies

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Google for Startups is partnering with Veteran Capital

"Google is deeply committed to supporting military service members, Veterans, and military spouses as they pursue careers in tech and entrepreneurship. Veteran Capital's unique Fellowship program is an important bridge connecting top talent among transitioning service members and their spouses with startups”

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What we do

Veteran Capital is a Modern Military Transition (MMT) company investing the human capital of Veterans in high growth tech companies through immersive fellowships, targeted placement and community engagement. We’re catalyzing startup ecosystems by building bridges of talent and opportunity between large military installations and hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship.



Service Members

transition from the military every year. They have skills and experiences that directly translate to roles in tech.



Startups nationwide

are hungry for talent and proven leaders, but hesitate to hire Veterans without tech experience.



Month Fellowship

The Veteran Capital Fellowship is typically three months long, giving Service Members and Partner Companies the bridge they need during the transition.