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Veteran Fellowship

Your experience in uniform can directly translate into a role at one of our Partner Companies. A Fellowship during your transition is your first step on the bridge from Service to Tech.

An immersive experience

  • Gain a clear path toward employability at one of our Partner Companies

  • Make an impact at a venture backed startup or tech company

  • Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur

  • Differentiate yourself from your peers

A Shared Experience

Your transition can be a challenging time - go into it with people you trust on your left and right. We’ll be there to guide through the matching process and find you the best fit.


A FEllowship

  • Share experiences with other fellows in your cohort

  • Attend guest lecturers from local entrepreneurs and university professors

  • Prepare for employment with networking opportunities, interview coaching, and placement support



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American Underground

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Tech Hub

Recognized as the Startup Capital of the South by CNBC, the AU is home to 275+ startups in Durham, NC. North Carolina is also home to Fort Bragg. American Underground and Veteran Capital are building a talent bridge between this hub of innovation and one of the largest military installations in the country.

In association with AU, Big Top is bringing talent and startups together to provide the infrastructure needed to support continued growth in the Triangle.