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Invest the human capital of Veterans in your company


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Change a candidate’s first day from Day 1 to Day 100

Immerse a Veteran Capital Fellow in your company for three to four months before they are hired full-time.

  • Veteran Fellows learn on the job and contribute from the start

  • Fellows are paid by the military, not by you, during the fellowship

  • We augment their experience with educational resources and training

  • Our goal is to connect you with the right Fellow for full-time placement



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What companies are saying about the Veteran Capital Fellowship


“As a Veteran, I know the value of military experience.

As someone who transitioned from the military to the corporate world, I know the daunting task military members face in that transition.

As an employer, the three month fellowship period provides me the bridge necessary to take a confident, driven, and organized Service Member and train them to be a high performing Sales rep before they start full-time. It also gives service members a chance to learn about the world of startups and find the career path that is the best fit for them.”

Peter Brown

VP, Sales @ ProcessMaker

U.S. Army Veteran