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Invest the human capital of Veterans in your company


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Change a candidate’s first day from Day 1 to Day 100


Immerse a Veteran Capital Fellow in your company for three to four months before they are hired full-time.

  • Veteran Fellows learn on the job and contribute from the start

  • Fellows are paid by the military, not by you, during the fellowship

  • We augment their experience with educational resources and training

  • Our goal is to connect you with the right Fellow for full-time placement



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What companies are saying about
the Veteran Capital Fellowship


“As a Veteran, I know the value of military experience.

As an employer, the three month fellowship period provides me the bridge necessary to take a confident and driven Service Member and train them to be a high performing Sales rep before they start full-time. It also gives service members a chance to learn about the world of startups and find the career path that is the best fit for them.”

Peter Brown

VP, Sales @ ProcessMaker

U.S. Army Veteran


“We have had two Veteran Capital Fellows join our team at First.

They have proven to be smart, hard working, and effective team players.

They have enhanced our company's operations, product, and our culture.”

Kent Keirsey

COO @ First

U.S. Army Veteran