your bridge from service to tech

Veteran Capital Fellowship

Your Bridge from Service to Tech

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More than just an internship:

a Fellowship.

An immersive three month experience at high growth technology companies augmented by educational workshops.


Gain a clear path toward employability at a high growth tech company

  • Attend guest lecturers from local entrepreneurs and university professors

  • Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur by working with entrepreneurs

  • Prepare for employment with networking, interview coaching, & placement support


Get matched with an awesome company


Complete a short application so we can learn how best to help during your transition

Interview with our Partner Companies based on your goals and their needs

Veteran Capital matches Fellows with Partner Companies based on interest and the best fit

Veteran Capital Candidates at a Hiring Mixer hosted by American Underground

Veteran Capital Candidates at a Hiring Mixer hosted by American Underground


Share your experience with other Fellows

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Functional Areas

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Service members are uniquely positioned to succeed in the startup world because they are uniquely disciplined. From training and deployments in austere environments, we come to appreciate the super power of not being distracted from a single mission. That super power is a prerequisite for building a startup from the ground up.


Veteran Capital Fellow Grant Peterson

CPT, U.S. Army



Veteran Capital Fellow Paul Rodriguez

SGT, U.S. Army


I am constantly applying skills I learned in service and picking up new ones from my team at ProcessMaker. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for Veteran Capital. This fellowship took me from an impending feeling of dread to feeling confident and prepared to transition out of the military!


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